Can your Immune System fight off Cancer?

It is said that somewhere around 5,000 cancer cells are formed in the body every day. It is the role of the immune cells to attack and destroy these cancerous cells. Cells are regenerated throughout the day, but this process is not always flawless, and sometimes mistakes are made. For example, hair falls out every day, but sometimes it grows back white. Sometimes the cells fail to regenerate altogether – for example, keloidal scars occur when the skin cells can no longer be regenerated – which means the normal cell has become a failed cell. Though it takes a long time to recognize the effects of failed cells, if the failed cells continue to grow, it is said that immune cells can no longer kill them and they develop into cancer. Continue reading “Can your Immune System fight off Cancer?”

4 Immunity Boosters You Should Be Eating Every Day

Love may be a battlefield, but life itself – it’s a war zone. Seriously and literally. Scientists recently documented that the bacterial cell count on planet earth has reached 50 million for every 1 gram of soil. We may have the brains, but they, my fellow sapiens, have the numbers. Your immune system is the one thing standing between you and complete physiological mayhem. So if you came to win, you’re going to want to send in reinforcements. Here are 4 simple ingredients you can add to your day to help shore up your defenses. Continue reading “4 Immunity Boosters You Should Be Eating Every Day”

Use These Immunity Tips to Raise the Bar

Back-to-School season is not your average petri dish. Scientifically speaking, it’s so germy. Extra germy. Kid or no kid, the germs are out there, disrespecting boundaries and ignoring personal space, and they have no interest in taking prisoners. They say the only way to fight fire, is with fire. Or in this case, extra, with extra. So in light of the words ‘pinworm’ and ‘hand-foot-and-mouth disease’, here are 5 ways to take your prevention tactics from basic to extra. Continue reading “Use These Immunity Tips to Raise the Bar”

Three Common Myths About Vitamin C

Vitamin C might be one of the most beloved vitamins on the immune boosting bandwagon. We stock our refrigerators with O.J., our pantries with C-powered breakfast bars, and our medicine cabinets with little packets of orange fizzing powder. But what, exactly, is all this diligence doing for us? Will it stop the sniffles, reverse wrinkles, cure the incurable? Why all the hype? If there’s anything we know about celebrity, it’s that things are not often what they seem. So – in the interest of hitching our wagons to a star, instead of say, a moon rock – here’s a look at some of the common myths about what vitamin C is, and what it isn’t. Continue reading “Three Common Myths About Vitamin C”