60x Stronger than Fucoidan

About Brolico
Brolico is a newly discovered phytonutrient found in broccoli. It was first identified during a collaborative research project conducted by Imagine Global Care Co., Ltd., University of Tokyo and Genome Pharmaceuticals Institute. Further studies have indicated that when consumed in extracted form, the purified brolico nutrient is able to produce high levels of cellular activity within crucial white blood cells, in effect, raising natural immunity. In order to establish the overall effectiveness of the brolico nutrient, a comparison study of various wellknown natural immunity activating extracts was conducted using a new active assay (silkworm muscle contraction), which was originally developed by faculty at Tokyo University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Appendix 3:
Measurement of Fucoidan

Extract Fucoidan was extracted from mekabu wakame (seaweed). Upon administering 1 milligram of fucoidan extract, specific activity (immunity activation), as measured by degree of muscle contraction, reached 12 units.

Immunity Activation of Fucoidan: 12 units/mg
Immunity Activation of Fucoidan: 770 units/mg